Mogwai – Atomic (2016)

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Post-Rock, Soundtrack

Mogwai have announced Atomic, a new album. The record comprises reworked versions of their soundtrack for Storyville – Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise, a documentary on the dawning of the atomic age that aired last year on the BBC. It’ll be released April 1. They’ve also shared “U-235,” which you can listen to above.

In a press release, Braithwaite said about the record: “The Atomic soundtrack is one of the most intense and fulfilling projects we’ve taken on as a band. Ever since we went to Hiroshima to play and visited the peace park this has been a subject very close to us. The end results, both the film score and the record are pieces I’m extremely proud of.”


1. Ether (5:10)
2. Scram (5:41)
3. Bitterness Centrifuge (4:51)
4. U-235 (4:33)
5. Pripyat (4:19)
6. Weak Force (5:08)
7. Little Boy (3:51)
8. Are You a Dancer? (3:53)
9. Tzar (5:13)
10. Fat Man (5:58)

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