Nada Surf – You Know Who You Are (2016)

ARTIST…..: Nada Surf
TITLE……: You Know Who You Are
GENRE……: Rock
RIP DATE…: 2016-03-03
RUNTIME….: 40:46
TRACKS…..: 10
SIZE…….: 94m
QUALITY….: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC……: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III

Nada Surf has always been a quintessential New York band, wielding big guitars and heart-on-sleeve lyrics, fueled by artistic ambition, casual cool, and sarcastic smarts. Founded in 1992, Nada Surf has only grown more creative and resourceful as time has marched on, each consecutive release notable for the quality of its craft as well as singer/guitarist Caws’ ongoing growth as both songwriter and human being. Brimming with midlife wisdom and teenage vigor, You Know Who You Are may well be the most representative collection of Nada Surf’s two decade career, capturing in its 10 tracks every beloved facet of the band while also pushing those sounds towards whatever comes next.

1. Cold to See Clear (4:05)
2. Believe You’re Mine (4:35)
3. Friend Hospital (4:57)
4. New Bird (3:02)
5. Out of the Dark (3:44)
6. Rushing (4:05)
7. Animal (5:14)
8. You Know Who You Are (2:22)
9. Gold Sounds (4:56)
10. Victory’s Yours (3:46)

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