Neil Young – Storytone (2014)

Artist: Neil Young
Title: Storytone
Label: Reprise Records / Warner Brothers
Genre: Folk Rock
Quality: WEB FLAC+MP3
Str Date: 2014-11-04

Release Notes:

  Neil Young’s significantly higher fidelity follow-up to A Letter Home is called Storytone, and it’s out in November 4 via Reprise. (Previously, the album was titled Storeytone, but the first “e” has been dropped.) After sharing his orchestral, full band, and acoustic versions of the pro-environment song “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”, he’s shared more details about the album.
  Really, it’s two albums: There’s a solo version and a “standard” version, which was recorded with a 92-piece orchestra and choir. The regular CD comes with the standard version, while a deluxe edition includes both the standard and solo versions. The vinyl contains both solo and standard versions, and will be out December 16. (Of course, the album will also be available via Pono, Young’s crowd-sourced music player.)
  The album was produced by Young and Niko Bolas under their Volume Dealers moniker. The orchestra was arranged and conducted by Michael Bearden and Chris Walden.

Track List:

01. Plastic Flowers (Solo) (04:02)
02. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (Solo) (03:49)
03. I Want To Drive My Car (Solo) (02:22)
04. Glimmer (Solo) (03:10)
05. Say Hello To Chicago (Solo) (04:54)
06. Tumbleweed (Solo) (03:22)
07. Like You Used To Do (Solo) (02:38)
08. I’m Glad I Found You (Solo) (03:22)
09. When I Watch You Sleeping (Solo) (05:34)
10. All Those Dreams (Solo) (03:52)
11. Plastic Flowers (Orchestral) (04:06)
12. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (Orchestral) (04:23)
13. I Want To Drive My Car (Band) (03:08)
14. Glimmer (Orchestral) (04:59)
15. Say Hello To Chicago (Big Band) (04:57)
16. Tumbleweed (Orchestral) (03:37)
17. Like You Used To Do (Band) (02:39)
18. I’m Glad I Found You (Orchestral) (03:39)
19. When I Watch You Sleeping (Orchestral) (05:30)
20. All Those Dreams (Orchestral) (04:25)

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