New Bums – Voices in a Rented Room (2014)

Artist: New Bums
Title: Voices in a Rented Room
Label: Drag City
Genre: Indie/Lo-Fi
Quality: MP3 VBR V0
Time: 37:17
Size: 63.2 MB
Str Date: 2014-02-18

Track List:

01. Black Bough 4:52
02. Pigeon Town 3:20
03. Your Girlfriend Might Be a Cop 2:46
04. Sometimes You Crash 2:19
05. The Killers and Me 2:51
06. Your Bullshit 3:51
07. It’s The Way 3:51
08. Welcome to the Navy 1:57
09. Burned 3:43
10. Town on the Water 3:30
11. Mother’s Favorite Hated Son 1:36
12. Cool Daughter 2:41

Release Notes:

Meet the New Bums! They’re not your father’s Bums, but they’re bringing good old-fashioned songcraft back for another try. Ben from Six Organs and Donovan from Skygreen Leopards; two voices and guitars with the occasional other element all compete for the loneliest sound in the room. Lots of laughs too — if you like ’em dark, that is.

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