Painted Palms – Forever (2014)

Genre: Indie Pop, Shoegaze, electronic
Country: USA
mp3 320kbps

Made up of cousins Reese Donahue and Chris Prodhomme, San Francisco duo Painted Palms began when the two were living thousands of miles away from each other and would exchange ideas for the band online. They pieced together an early EP this way, and even when that EP got them noticed and invited on various tours, the two ultimately ended up both living blocks away from each other in San Francisco but working on ideas in isolation in their time-honored fashion, trading files online to complete work on debut album Forever. The bedroom approach comes through loud and clear throughout the album, which never sounds cold but has a discernible tone of distance infused to its summery electro-pop beats.

01. Too High
02. Here It Comes
03. Hypnotic
04. Forever
05. Soft Hammer
06. Carousel
07. Not Really There
08. Hope That You See It Now
09. Spinning Signs
10. Sleepwalking
11. Empty Gun
12. Angels

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