Paranoid London – Paranoid London (2015)


Electronic, Deep-House

There’s a fair chance that you’ll have missed Paranoid London’s four singles to date; they were pressed in limited quantities, appeared in stores with no promotion, and quickly became must-have items for those obsessed with stripped back machine music and ragged acid house. Mercifully, the mysterious, no-holds-barred combo has decided to put out a double album containing much of this material, alongside a smattering of previously unheard cuts (including, most excitingly, a collaboration with Detroit legend DJ Genesis). The hard-to-find classics still sparkle – check the brilliantly sparse-but-heavy “Paris Dub 1” (with regular vocalist Paris Brightledge) and ragged “Transmission 5” (featuring a killer spoken vocal from Mutado Pintado) – while the new cuts are thankfully up to similarly high standard. Recommended.


Side 1
1. “Light Tunnel” (feat Mutado Pintado)
2. “Transmission 5” (feat Mutado Pintado)
3. “Headtrack”
Side 2
1. “Paris Dub 3” (feat Paris Brightledge)
2. “Machines Our Coming”
Side 3
1. “Lovin U (Ahh Shit)” (feat DJ Genesis)
2. “We Ain’t”
Side 4
1. “Eating Glue” (feat Mutado Pintado)
2. “300 Hangovers A Year” (feat Mutado Pintado)
3. “Paris Dub 1” (feat Paris Brightledge)

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