Patterns – Waking Lines (2014)

Genre: Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Shoegaze
Country: UK
mp3 320kbps 100mb

Initially breaking through in late 2011 with melancholic single Induction, Patterns could easily have pulled the trigger early on this debut album, especially after fellow Mancunians Money and Pins surged past them last year. Holding off’s served them well, though, and Waking Lines is a success.

Themes of late-night hallucinations and dreamlike states are achieved by combining sounds that hark back to Cocteau Twins with the more chillwave-y trans-Atlantic influences of, say, Youth Lagoon.

‘Our Ego’ perfectly demonstrates this, but the four-piece are equally handy at brain-lodging indie pop (‘Blood’) and full-blown experimental Animal Collectivisms (‘Wrong Two Words’).

Patterns had drifted into the background, but ‘Waking Lines’ should change that.

01. This Haze
02. Blood
03. Broken Trains
04. Face Marks
05. Our Ego
06. Waking Lines
07. Street Fires
08. Wrong Two Words
09. Induction
10. Climbing Out


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