Pixies – Indie Cindy (2014)

Artist: Pixies
Title: Indie Cindy
Label: Pixiesmusic
Genre: Indie Rock
Quality: WEBRip 320Kbps cbr mp3
Str Date: 2014-04-19

Release Notes:

The album was recorded in October 2012 at Rockfield Studios in Wales and includes the band’s comeback single Bagboy, and material from EP1 and EP2, as well as EP3.
Indie Cindy will be available in a number of different formats from the end of April, including a standard 12-track single-CD; a two-disc, gatefold album pressed on 180-gram vinyl; and an expanded digital download available exclusively through iTunes that includes a bonus 13-track set recorded during the band’s recent North American tour. Indie Cindy also gets a Record Store Day release in the form of a limited edition two-disc, deluxe gatefold release on 19 April.

Track List:

01. What Goes Boom
02. Greens and Blues
03. Indie Cindy
04. Bagboy
05. Magdalena 318
06. Silver Snail
07. Blue Eyed Hexe
08. Ring the Bell
09. Another Toe in the Ocean
10. Andro Queen
11. Snakes
12. Jaime Bravo

Download: (pan.baidu)

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