+/- (Plus/Minus) – Jumping the Tracks (2014)

Artist: +/- (Plus/Minus)
Album: Jumping the Tracks
Label: Teen-Beat / 523
Playtime: 28:41 min
Genre: Indie Rock
Street date: 2014-02-04
Quliaty: WEBRip 320Kbps 124MB

Release Notes:

On February 4th, indie vets +/- (or, Plus/Minus) will return with Jumping the Tracks, their first new full-length in five years.
The forthcoming LP follows 2008′s Xs on Your Eyes (2010′s Pulled Punches was technically a compilation of unreleased material) and finds the three-piece of James Baluyut, Chris Deaner, and Patrick Ramos trading in the light indie-pop sound of their past records for something decidedly more full-bodied and richly-textured.

The result is the band’s first album truly written as a band, driven purely out of a love of performing together in the studio. Jumping the Tracks also marks a return to the band’s original home of Teen-Beat, who released the band’s 2002 debut, Self-Titled Long Playing Debut Album and 2003′s You Are Here.

Appraising the finished product, Baluyut says, “The album does suggest a battle against cynicism and darkness in one’s life. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by these things post-your-idealistic twenties and thirties.”

The long-awaited fifth album by Plus-Minus encapsulates everything that was great about their prior albums and comes back swinging. Their first all-new release since 2008’s X’s On Your Eyes, Jumping the Tracks proves that it can be well worth the wait for the right band.


1. Young Once
2. The Bitterest Pill
3. Toe the Line
4. The Space Between Us
5. What Lies Ahead
6. Exorcising Your Ghost
7. Rewrite the Story
8. There Goes My Love
9. Running the Distance
10. No One Can Touch You Now
11. Jumping theTracks
12. I’m a Little Teapot

Download: (Pan.baidu)

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