Pow! – Hi-Tech Boom (2013)

Label: Castle Face
Genre: Indie, Post-Punk
mp3 320kbps 62.3mb
Total Time: 26:46 min

Deep in the graveyard of San Francisco, a young hand with black and cracked nails is pushing up through a broken pile of e-slag. Bitter teeth tear through server cables and motherboards, desperate to be free from the ever-deepening sludge of tech waste… the iPhone is the new styrofoam cup. Stepping over them—eyes glazed, feet dragging, blank face aglow in the eerie luminescence of smart phones—is the inspiration for these songs. San Francisco has long attracted newcomers… but now the city faces the most dangerous, the most egregious and blandest of them all—people with lots of money.


01 – Untitled
02 – Hope Dealers
03 – Vertical Slum
04 – Sugi Walks
05 – Switchboard Scientists
06 – 66
07 – Cyber Attack
08 – Hi Tech Boom
09 – @ the Station
10 – Shoes (Pleh)
11 – Fire Hose

Download (pan.baidu)

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