Primal Scream – Chaosmosis (2016)

Ignition Records
Indie, Rock, Alternative
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Primal Scream release the follow up to their critically acclaimed ‘More Light’ album on March 18th. ‘Chaosmosis’ is released on the band’s own First International label through Ignition Records. ‘Chaosmosis’ is the band’s 11th studio album and was recorded in Sweden and London. Primal Scream will play 4 intimate shows in the UK next spring and a series of headline dates at festivals in the summer.

1. Trippin’ on Your Love (3:30)
2. (Feeling Like A) Demon Again (4:35)
3. I Can Change (3:17)
4. 100% or Nothing (3:54)
5. Private Wars (2:30)
6. Where the Light Gets In (3:47)
7. When the Blackout Meets the Fallout (1:48)
8. Carnival of Fools (3:41)
9. Golden Rope (5:37)
10. Autumn in Paradise (5:04)

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