Pure X – Angel (2014)

Label: Fat Possum Records
Genre: Indie Pop, Dreampop
mp3 320k 100MB 38:43min

Austin band Pure X is pleased to announce their third LP, Angel, out April 1st on Fat Possum. Over the course of each full-length the band has tirelessly reinvented themselves, opting to stay true to their own sensibilities and create the music that they wanted to make. With the third album, and their first as a quartet, their previous creations have given way to a new found serenity, a calm which finds the band in its most potent, refined, and elemental form yet. Pure X have crafted a beautifully genuine pop record whose influences span across genres and generations without reserve while simultaneously coming into their own in the process.

1. Starlight
2. Valley of Tears
3. Livin’ the Dream
4. Every Tomorrow
5. Fly Away With Me Woman
6. Heaven
7. White Roses
8. Make You Want Me
9. Rain
10. Angel
11. Wishin’ On the Same Star

Download (pan.baidu)

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