Quilt – Held in Splendor (2014)

Label: Mexican Summer
Genre: Indie Folk, Psychedelic Rock
mp3 320kbps 98.3MB 42:41 min

Quilt has been steadily dropping beautifully psychedelic singles over the past few months as the release of the band’s new album, Held In Splendor, draws near. Those tracks, especially “Arctic Shark” and “Tired And Buttered,” were nice hints of the sort of sunny weirdness the band would get up to, but the full album brings a lot more to explore, especially the late highlight “Secondary Swan.” You can head to NPR and stream all of Held In Splendor now.

1. Arctic Shark
2. Saturday Bride
3. Eye of the Pearl
4. Mary Mountain
5. Tie Up the Tides
6. The Hollow
7. A Mirror
8. Just Dust
9. The World is Flat
10. Tired & Buttered
11. Secondary Swan
12. Talking Trains
13. I Sleep in Nature

Download (pan.baidu)

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