BBC Radio 1 著名Hip Hop DJ兼播音主持Tim Westwood离开BBC电台

He has been the voice of hip hop on Radio 1 for a generation but veteran DJ Tim Westwood is to leave the BBC station after nearly 20 years.

BBC Radio 1 Xtra 著名hip hop DJ主持人 Tim Westwood  在就职近20年后宣布离开BBC电台。

Westwood will depart the station as part of a shake-up of its Saturday night schedule that will see new shows for presenters including MistaJam, Charlie Sloth and DJ Target, the BBC announced on Friday.

BBC本周五时宣布,Westwood离开电台后,每周六晚上日程安排将有改动,将会看到由新主持人MistaJam, Charlie Sloth 和 DJ Target等带来的新节目。

The 55-year-old presenter joined Radio 1 in 1994, hired by the then controller Matthew Bannister to present the station’s first rap show in a bid to attract a younger audience.

这位55岁的主持人于1994年加入BBC。由当时的总监 Matthew Bannister招聘来的专门开设的说唱节目,目的为了吸引年轻人。

Now Westwood appears himself to have become the victim of a drive to find a younger audience, the latest in a number of changes on the station that saw long-running breakfast presenter Chris Moyles replaced by Nick Grimshaw.
Westwood, the son of a former Anglican bishop, always made for an unlikely-sounding Radio 1 DJ playing hip hop, grime and R&B.
But he is universally respected by his peers with a knowledge of the industry that is second to none.
“I don’t think you can criticise somebody for having a good background,”he told MediaGuardian in an interview in 2009. “I’m a self-made man in this game. It’s not like my dad knew a local club promoter and hooked me up with a rap party, or my dad knew Jay-Z’s manager.”

他是前英国国教主教的儿子,却总是致力于在电台传播Hiphop、Grime及R&B音乐。他在HipHop行业是首屈一指,而且备受尊敬的。每个到访英国的Rapper都会特地去拜访一下Tim Westwood。“我不觉得你可以评论某个人因为他有很好的背景,”他在2009年接受《卫报》采访时说道,“我在这个行业里靠的是自己,并不是我老爸认识某个开夜店的让我去办个说唱Par之类的,我老爸也不认识Jay-Z的经纪人。

Westwood presented the drivetime show on digital station, 1Xtra, for three years until 2009, when he claimed he was “sacked”.
He also famously told fellow Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills on air that his show on the nascent digital network had no listeners.
“I’ve been broadcasting to absolutely nobody for the last three hours,” Westwood said. “What are you laughing about? Didn’t you see the figures? No-one listens to Westwood in the afternoon. It’s soul-destroying.”

Westwood在Raio 1 Xtra的drivetime节目中做了3年,直到2009年他说到自己被“解雇”了。他也曾在广播中告诉Radio 1 的DJ Scott Mills他的节目对新生的数字一代没有任何吸引力。“我连续放了3个小时的歌了但是没人听,”他说。“你在笑什么?你没有看到数据吗?没有人在下午的时候听我Westwood的节目,这太让人伤心了。”

Westwood was in a drive-by shooting in west London in 1999, suffering serious injuries. “The guy pulled up right next to the car and shot through the windows to shoot me in the head,” he later said.
“One bullet went through my arm the other went through my car seat which was an inch away from my spine.”


Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper said: “I’d like to thank Tim for the last 20 years on Radio 1 – his passion for hip-hop is legendary – I wish him all the very best.”

Radio 1 现任总监Ben Cooper表示:“我要感谢Tim过去20年来对于Radio 1的贡献——他对于Hip-Hop的热情可谓传奇一样,我祝他一切都好。”


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