Reptile Youth – Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone (2014)

Label: Internet
Country: Denmark
Genre: Indie, New Wave
mp3 320kbps 112MB
Total Time: 48:06 min

A year after making a case for one of the standout stars of SXSW 2013, Danish future-punk two-piece Reptile Youth are on the cusp of releasing its newest album Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone.

For the new release, the band is digging back from the pop-centric motif of its 2012 self-titled debut. “We love to break expectations,” says Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen in reference to his first album, which was cited by critics to not encompass the same energy of the duo’s spirited live performances. And while several of the new album’s tracks do still have the poppy exponent – like ‘We’re All In Here’ – Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone comes loaded with plenty of tantric tracks that break that mold.

1. Above [4:27]
2. Colours [4:04]
3. Rivers That Run for a Sea That Is Gone [5:11]
4. Structures [4:15]
5. Where You End I Begin [4:13]
6. We’re All in Here [3:49]
7. Two Hearts [5:30]
8. JJ [4:58]
9. All of the Noise [3:56]
10. Diseased By Desire [7:43]

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