Rogue Wave – Delusions of Grand Fur (2016)

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Rogue Wave announced Monday that they will release their sixth studio album entitled Delusions of Grand Fur in 2016. The album is the indie rock band’s first new release in three years, since 2013’s Nightingale Floors.

As opposed to past albums, Zach Rogue and Patrick Spurgeon, the only two constant band members since the group’s formation in 2002, are taking over full creative control by recording and producing Delusions of Grand Fur themselves. The group also released the album’s first single, a synthy, lo-fi groove called “What Is Left To Solve,” and announced tour dates to promote the album in the summer.

Track List:

01. Take It Slow 03:51
02. In the Morning 04:52
03. California Bride 04:14
04. Look at Me 03:33
05. Falling 02:59
06. Curious Me 03:49
07. What Is Left to Solve 04:45
08. Frozen Lake 03:38
09. Endless Supply 03:18
10. Ocean 03:19
11. The Last Picture Show 02:46
12. Memento Mori 05:14

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