Rustie – Green Language (2014)

ARTiST…….: Rustie
ALBUM……..: Green Language
GENRE……..: Electronic
LABEL……..: Warp
RiP.DATE…..: 2014-08-21
STORE.DATE…: 2014-08-25
GRABBER……: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4
ENCODER……: LAME v3.98.4
SiZE………: 68.75 megs
BiTRATE……: 248 kbps avg

Track List:

01. Workship (2:00)
02. A Glimpse (2:15)
03. Raptor (4:09)
04. Paradise Stone (2:34)
05. Up Down (feat. D Double E) (3:44)
06. Attak (feat. Danny Brown) (3:01)
07. Tempest (1:44)
08. He Hate Me (feat. Gorgeous Children) (3:16)
09. Velcro (3:18)
10. Lost (feat. Redinho) (3:22)
11. Dream On (3:08)
12. Let’s Spiral (2:27)
13. Green Language (1:48)

Release Notes:

Rustie’s second album, ‘Green Language’ is released on Warp Records. The album was written and recorded at 4 AM to the sound of birdsong in a remote location in his native Scotland, influenced by nature, birds and sunrise. It was inspired by post-rock bands, such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor and My Bloody Valentine, trance and the Glasgow electronic scene he helped to mould. Rustie’s second album expands on ‘Glass Swords’ with more finely tuned and carefully constructed songs, like the smooth R&B melody of ‘Dream On’ featuring Musinah, rhymes from Face Vega (Gorgeous Children) in the downtempo hip hop jam ‘He Hate Me’ and the anthemic grime track ‘Up Down’ featuring D Double E.

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