Saint Max and The Fanatics – Saint Max Is Missing and the Fanatics Are Dead (2013)

Artist: Saint Max and the Fanatics
Album: Saint Max is Missing and the Fanatics are Dead
Label: Armellodie
Genre: Alternative & Indie
mp3 320kbps 85mb

A little over a year since their inaugural gig, Saint Max and the Fanatics deliver their full-length debut – a celerity that screams confidence and an end product that just about justifies it. Incorporating starter pack influences from across British pop history – Madness’s bouncy rhythms; Kevin Rowland’s young-soul-rebel horns; The Libertines’ ramshackle mien; a singing voice part Morrissey, part Neil Hannon – the stitching shows but the patchwork is nonetheless effective, marking out 18-year-old frontman Max Syed-Tollan as a songwriting talent to watch.

1.Soul Surrender 03:44
2.Afraid of Love 02:12
3.A Life Worth Living 03:49
4.Ode to a Teenage Heartthrob 03:21
5.Let Em Have It Sunshine 02:56
6.Glasgow 03:52
7.Conduit 03:04
8.T-Shirt 03:30
9.Sadsong 04:00
10.She Sings a Lovely Lullaby 04:06
11.Book Review 01:34

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