SBTRKT – Transitions (2014)

[Label: Young Turks | Cat#: YT112]

Acting as a literal transition between his self-titled debut album and its hotly anticipated follow-up, masked Young Turks producer SBTRKT has released the 6-track instrumental Transitions EP.

“This is music written over the last year, whilst recording for my second album. Much of the music I released before my debut album was instrumental and I want to continue to share this side of the music I make. This series of tracks is titled TRANSITIONS. ” – SBTRKT

On his website, the EP is accompanied by a moving, interactive version of the album artwork, said to be similar to the effect you’ll see while unpacking the vinyl. I’ve also got the SoundCloud set embedded below, accentuated by my towering favorite, “Highs and Lows.”

Gamalena (4:31)
Hold the Line (3:27)
Kyoto (3:55)
Resolute (3:23)
Highs And Lows (4:07)
Stifle (2:58)

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