Seas of Years – The Ever Shifting Fields (2016)

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Released May 17, 2016

01. Passing Skies (4:37)
02. Ledge (6:31)
03. Stairwell (5:09)
04. Mapping the Clouds (4:47)
05. The Glass Shelter and the View (6:44)
06. Weaving Cities from Dust (4:12)
07. In Collusion with the Waves (4:37)
08. Rely on Thermal Winds (7:52)
09. Ceasing Bridges (3:41)

The tour for our new full length album “The Ever Shifting Fields” has just started here in Shanghai. We are so thankful for all the people who came to see us at Yiyintang! Your response and dedication was overwhelming. We could not have had a better start for the tour, thank you SO much!! Tomorrow we continue to Hangzhou and 9 Club for the next concert.
The new album is available for streaming and download on Bandcamp and in a few days it will also be available on Spotify and iTunes.

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