Slaves – Are You Satisfied? (2015)

Artist: Slaves
Title: Are You Satisfied?
Label: Virgin EMI
Genre: Indie-Rock, Garage-Punk
Quality:  MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Str Date: 2015-06-01

Release Notes:

Electrifying punk-rock duo, Slaves, are all set to explode with the release of debut album, ‘Are You Satisfied?’ out June 1st on Virgin EMI.

Recorded in London, ‘Are You Satisfied?’ is a colourful, funny and often riotous riposte to the dreary mood of Austerity Britain and brilliantly captures the nation’s frustrated but keep on partying attitude.

With a reputation for raucous, chaotic and energetic live shows, Slaves frantic urgency is captured in rousing anthems like ‘Cheer Up London’ and ‘Do Something’ as well as previous singles ‘Hey’ and ‘The Hunter’.

Populist but hardcore, pithy but often hilarious or surreal (check the inexplicable next single, ‘Feed The Mantaray’!), Slaves are set to become generational spokesmen and are the hotwire treatment the UK music scene so desperately needs.


The Hunter
Cheer Up London
Despair And Traffic
Do Something
Are You Satisfied?
Wow!!! 7am
Live Like An Animal
Ninety Nine
She Wants Me Now
Feed The Mantaray
Sugar Coated Bitter Truth
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1 thought on “Slaves – Are You Satisfied? (2015)

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