Snowapple – Snowapple (2014)

Label: Zip Records
Genre: Folk, Indie Pop
Quality: V0 Kbps
Total Time: 39:01 min
Total Size: 65 MB

This is where Amsterdam trio Snowapple come in. The three ladies who formed the band came from slightly different musical backgrounds, but all three are trained vocalists and can play an array of different instruments. This not only lends itself to the composition of more interesting songs than some bands might create, but also means that they can layer these songs in some quite beautiful three-part harmonies.


01. Again 3:09
02. Turn The Tables 3:17
03. Bluebirds, Blackbirds 3:19
04. Baby Blue 2:50
05. Old Lady 5:16
06. Het Kleine Witte Zeil 3:40
07. The Surface 3:27
08. Le Clown et La Fleuriste 5:57
09. Virginia 4:00
10. Better When We’re Older 4:06

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