Snowmine – Dialects (2014)

Label: Mystery Buildings
Genre: Indie-Rock, Psychedelic Pop
Total Time: 42:47 min
Mp3 CBR 320kbps 102 mb

“Snowmine don’t just want to create music that you hear. They want to make music that you feel, that is in every breath, every corner and settles deep within the heart.

The Brooklyn quintet formed out of a longtime friendship between bassist Jay Goodman, drummer Alex Beckmann, and lead singer/composer Grayson Sanders. They soon met guitarist Austin Mendenhall after his then recent move from the DC jazz scene, and finally invited their old friend, guitarist Calvin Pia, to complete the five-piece.

The band has built a completely organic following to date through successful touring and close fan contact on social media. After lengthy label talks, they recently decided to forego the label system altogether and self release their sophomore album on their own label Mystery Buildings.

Furthermore, Snowmine shared some insight on the recording process behind their forthcoming album Dialects out February 4, 2014:

“To give you some background on the recording, there are no foreign samples on this album. Every single sound and orchestral moment was written, arranged, and recorded by us. The goal of the album was to capture a surreal ambiance that married hyper modern ambient synth tones with vintage 60’s sounding cinematic orchestral motifs. We recorded a choir, strings, woodwinds, and reamped synths in a church to capture truly real stereo reverbs, so in headphones you can feel physical, not artificially created space.” ”


01] To Hold an Ocean
02] Rome
03] Columbus
04] Further Along, Farther Away
05] You Want Everything
06] Safety in an Open Mind
07] Glide
08] Plans
09] Courts
10] Silver Sieve
11] Dollar Divided

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