Solids – Blame Confusion (2014)

Label: Fat Possum
Genre: Alternative, Grunge, Noise Pop
mp3 320kbps 78mb
Total Time: 37:39

A Canadian guitar and drums duo who crank out simple, arse-kicking rock that’s as much about attitude as it is about music. At least, that’s the impression given by the opening tracks on Blame Confusion, owing a debt to Japandroids. As the album rolls on, songs like Cold Hands and Through The Walls make it obvious they’re no derivative rip-off. With more attention to melody and quiet introspection than other blues-based two-pieces who’ve dominated recent years, Blame Confusion finds new areas to mine, offsetting its cocky strut with more than a hint of vulnerability.

01. Over the Sirens
02. Off White
03. Traces
04. Haze Away
05. Blame Confusion
06. Laisser Faire
07. Cold Hands
08. Through the Walls
09. Not Complaining
10. Terminal

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