Spain – Sargent Place (2014)

Genre: Indie Rock
Country: USA
mp3 320kbps 93mb

February 2014 will see the release of Spain’s brand new studio album, Sargent Place. Produced by Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys, Beck, Norah Jones), mixed by Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead, Atoms For Peace, Paul McCartney), and recorded at Gus’ home studio (on a street in Echo Park, CA called Sargent Place) the album marks an artistic departure for the band and is arguably their finest work since 1995’s The Blue Moods Of Spain. Stand-out tracks include “You And I”, which features a bass-vocal duet between Josh and his father Charlie Haden (only the second time father and son have recorded together), Petra Haden’s lilting strings and lead guitarist Daniel Brummel’s haunting guitar melodies on “The Fighter”, the bluesy sense of musical reckoning of “From The Dust”, and the uptempo, Threepenny Operatic “Sunday Morning”. Sargent Place will see a U.S. release in Spring of 2014.

01. Love At First Sight
02. The Fighter
03. It Could Be Heaven
04. From The Dust
05. Sunday Morning
06. Let Your Angel
07. To Be A Man
08. In My Soul
09. You And I
10. Waking Song

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