Stealing Sheep – Not Real (2015)


Artist: Stealing Sheep
Title: Not Real
Label: Heavenly Recordings
Genre: Psychedelic-folk
Quality: WEBRip MP3 V0 VBR
Str Date: 2015-04-10

Release Notes:

Folk trio Stealing Sheep have announced the release of a new record called Not Real.
Despite the album’s title, it will, in fact, be real, on 13 April via Heavenly. It follows their 2012 debut Into the Diamond Sun.
Not Real is inspired by “’50s exotica, electronic music and ’80s pop and been influenced by the likes of Grace Jones, Maya Deren, Eden Ahbez, Delia Derbyshire, Moondog and John Carpenter.”
Speaking about the record, the band highlighted the important of art and design, creating with purpose, and utilising new skills:
“We were more focused about what we are trying to do. Everything has a reason for being there… we started off in pre-production doing all the demos ourselves” say’s Becky “the demos captured an atmosphere that we wanted to carry forward to the album. The result was a hypbrid of casual takes and more considered recordings.

Track List:

1. Sequence
2. Apparition
3. Not Real
4. This Time
5. Greed
6. Deadlock
7. Evolve
8. Sunk
9. Love
10. She

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    主角说的话,不会不会实现的! 加油哇,城凛。

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    我要全世界知道 左右脸被张翰承包了(金三胖也不错)

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