Summer Camp – Bad Love (2015)


Artist: Summer Camp
Title: Bad Love
Label: Moshi Moshi
Genre: Indie-Pop
Quality:  MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Str Date: 2015-05-25

Release Notes:

Bad Love is set in the same spooked domestic terrain in which Summer Camp made their name back in 2009, but the perspectives have changed. “I think we got all of our teen angst out on Welcome To Condale,” says Elizabeth Sankey of the London duo’s 2011 debut LP. “But this looks at how the cycles of those relationships repeat. The experiences you have as a teenager still happen to you, but as you grow up you’re better at dealing with them: the relationships you have with yourself, your family, your friends.” So with Bad Love, they set about refining what they do best: those heart-racing heavily distorted guitars, battered synths that sparkle like dirty tinsel, and the nostalgia triggered by a pastel sky. The limited edition 7″ vinyl features a new track Killer on the b-side.

Track List:

1. ‘Bad Love’
2. ‘You’re Gone’
3. ‘Sleepwalking’
4. ‘Beautiful’
5. ‘Horizon’
6. ‘Run Away’
7. ‘Angela’
8. ‘Drive Past My House’
9. ‘If You Hate Me’
10. ‘Everlasting’
11. ‘Keep Up’

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