Tara Jane O’Neil – Where Shine New Lights (2014)

Label: Kranky
Genre: Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter
Quality: 320 / FLAC
Total Time: 37:44 min
Total Size: 87mb / 155 MB

it features beautiful performances by
TIm Barnes, Jean Cook, Corey Fogel, Anna Huff, Daniel Littleton, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ida Pearle, Wilder Zoby

“What you love is made of wind,” Tara Jane O’Neil muses a little more than halfway through Where Shine New Lights, her first solo LP in five years. The deeply naturalistic Lights finds O’Neil—ex-Rodan bassist, painter, constant collaborator, and tireless solo experimenter—carving scenery out of sound.


1. Welcome 1:18
2. Wordless in Woods 3:16
3. This Morning Glory 2:35
4. Over. Round, In a Room. Found. 2:5
5. Glow Now 4:32
6. The Lull the Going 2:43
7. Elemental Finding 3:55
8. All Now Vibe 2:09
9. The Signal, Wind 2:22
10. The Signal, Lift 3:47
11. Bellow Below as Above 3:14
12. New Lights for a Sky 4:57

Download (pan.baidu) via: sina

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