Tess Parks – Blood Hot (2013)

Label: Cherry Red Records
Genre: Indie Pop, Shoegaze, Psychedelic
Country: Canada
MP3 320 kbps 41:00 95MB

“Tess is a true believer in the church of rock’n’roll. She has great taste and is really sharp!” – Alan McGee

Tess Parks was born and raised in Toronto but moved to London at seventeen to pursue music and to study photography. She has played solo for the past four years.

Having moved back to Toronto in 2012, she put together her amazing psychedelic backing band of “sexy and talented musicians”, The Good People.

1. Somedays
2. Gates of Broadway
3. When I Am Young
4. Refugee Camp
5. Stick Around
6. Open Your Mind
7. Walk Behind Your House
8. Goodnight Love
9. This Time Next Year
10. Life Is but a Dream
11. Love Around

Download (pan.baidu)

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