The Album Leaf – Between Waves (2016)

Relapse Records
CDRip 320Kbps mp3
Alternative, Ambient, Electronic, Post-Rock

Six years removed from the project’s last proper full-length A Chorus of Storytellers, Jimmy LaValle’s long-running the Album Leaf has announced that a new record is on the way. Titled Between Waves, the album is set to arrive this summer.

Eight tracks in the length, Between Waves is the first record to be recorded with the project’s current lineup, born from a reinvention of band leader LaValle’s creative process and a newfound emphasis on the group dynamic. Narrowed down from 30 tracks to eight, the record was entirely recorded and produced by LaValle and the band, which now consists of LaValle, Matthew Resovich, Brad Lee and David LeBleu.

LaValle has also announced the Album Leaf’s signing to Relapse Records, making Between Waves the project’s first effort for the label.

“I’m very excited to release a new record and to be a part of the Relapse family,” LaValle said in a statement. “This record represents a new musical chapter for me and after making records as the the Album Leaf for nearly two decades, I welcome a fresh start with such an influential, veteran label.”

Between Waves will arrive on August 26 through Relapse on CD, vinyl, deluxe edition double-LP and digitally. Physical pre-orders are available here.

Track List:

1. False Dawn
2. Glimmering Lights
3. New Soul
4. Back to the Start
5. Wandering Still
6. Never Far
7. Lost in the Fog
8. Between Waves

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