The Avalanches – Wildflower (2016)

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Electronic, Hip-Hop, Breaks, Experimental
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17 years after their last record, here is the highly anticipated new album from this incredibly talented group of aussies.. This record features a lot of appearances from awesome artists such as MF Doom, Danny Brown, Father John Misty, Biz Markie, Ariel Pink and Camp Lo among others. It’s pretty much the perfect mix of electronic, hiphop and indie rock. Almost as good as “Since I Left You”. It’s one hell of a trip when you are extremely high. Don’t get too high to forget to buy it when it comes out!

Track list:

01. The Leaves Were Falling
02. Because I’m Me (feat. Camp Lo)
03. Frankie Sinatra (feat. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
04. Subways
05. Going Home
06. If I Was A Folkstar (feat. Toro y Moi)
07. Colours (feat. Jonathan Donahue)
08. Zap!
09. The Noisy Eater (feat. Biz Markie & Jean-Michel Bernard)
10. Wildflower
11. Harmony (feat. Jonathan Donahue & Jonti)
12. Live A Lifetime Love (feat. A.Dd+ & Ariel Pink)
13. Park Music
14. Livin’ Underwater (Is Something Wild)
15. The Wozard of Iz (feat. Danny Brown)
16. Over The Turnstiles
17. Sunshine
18. Light Up
19. Kaleidoscopic Lovers
20. Stepkids (feat. Jennifer Herrema & Warren Ellis)
21. Saturday Night Inside Out (feat. Father John Misty & David Berman)

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