The Black Angels – Clear Lake Forest EP (2014)

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Austin psych-rock outfit The Black Angels released their fourth studio album, Indigo Meadow, just last April. On Record Store Day (April 19th), they’ll return with a follow-up EP entitled Clear Lake Forest, featuring seven brand new songs pressed on limited-edition clear vinyl.

Guitarist Christian Bland invites listeners to accompany the band on a sonic odyssey: “After roaming through the Indigo Meadow, the time has come to journey to the Clear Lake Forest, where 7 tales of diamonds, executioners, and other strange occurrences await underneath the crystal waves lapping in the lake.”
The Black Angels have once again set off on a blues-meets-psych-rock journey and are asking us to come along.

01. Sunday Evening
02. Tired Eyes
03. Diamond Eyes
04. The Flop
05. An Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street
06. The Executioner
07. Linda’s Gone

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