The Candle Thieves – All’s Well That Ends Well (2013)

Artist: The Candle Thieves
Title Of Album: All’s Well That Ends Well
Year Of Release: 2013
Genre: Indie Rock/Alt. Pop
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: VBR ~272K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Total Time: 41:33 (min:sec)
Total Size: 81,1 MB

来自英国伦敦的独立乐队.由成员Scott McEwan以及The Glock组成.乐队的名字The Candle Thieves缘于The Glock的一个癖好-在别人的婚礼派对上偷蜡烛.这将是乐队的最后一张专辑,在完成这张专辑之后,乐队将会以告别Tour的形式举办他们的世界巡演,11月底到12月他们将来到中国,分别在北京,上海,杭州,成都,重庆,武汉,深圳和广州举办小型演唱会,喜欢的朋友千万不要错过。(摘自网络)

01Tomorrow Is Another Day
02 Ocean of Storms
03 Try Again (feat. Sophie Galpin)
04 Sugarcandy Mountain
05 Keys to My World
06 The Little Engine That Could
07 I’m Gone
08 Don’t Grow up Too Soon
09 Too Little Too Late
10 Honey I’m Home

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