The Casket Girls – True Love Kills The Fairy Tale (2014)

Genre: Dream Pop, Indie Pop
Country: USA
mp3 320kbps 86.3mb

Savannah dream-pop outfit The Casket Girls will release their sophomore album, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale, on February 11th via Graveface Records. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full below.

The trio — comprised of Ryan Graveface and sisters Phaedra and Else Greene — claim the follow-up to 2012′s excellent Sleepwalking was written by “spooky happenstance.” After dropping off a collection of demos to the sisters’ house, Graveface returned sometime later to find them in a trance-like state.

01. Same Side
02. Day To Day
03. Chemical Dizzy
04. Ashes and Embers
05. True Love Kills The Fairy Tale
06. Secular Love
07. Holding You Back
08. Stone and Rock
09. Perfect Little Soul
10. The Chase

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