The Chain Gang of 1974 – Daydream Forever (2014)

Genre: Alternative, Electronic, Indie
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Total Time: 00:45:28

Digging the new single “You” from LA’s The Chain Gang of 1974. So good it got me downloading their new album ‘Daydream Forever’ that was just released this week. The track reminds me of artists like M83 or Twin Shadow. A big and powerful tune, especially when the chorus kicks in. They also have a track “Sleepwalking” which is darker and gothier that was featured in the recent Grand Theft Auto V game. Considering how much those games sell it must have been a big boost for their career.

Check out those two tunes below and if you are as impressed as I am, I’d look into acquiring the rest of ‘Daydream Forever’, just as I am about to do right,,,, now.

01. Ordinary Fools 2:51
02. You 3:00
03. Sleepwalking 3:38
04. Lola Suzanne 4:21
05. Miko 3:02
06. Godless Girl 3:59
07. Witch 4:17
08. Moksha 1:10
09. Mouth 3:59
10. Death Metal Punk 3:43
11. Plum 4:43
12. Sleepwalking (Dawn Golden Remix) 3:09
13. Miko (Blood Diamond Remix) 3:36

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