The Electric Mainline / Soundwire (Split 7inch) (2014)

Release date: 01/01/2014
mp3 320kbps 13mb

Not yet seven days into 2014 and the label behind this forthcoming release reckons you will not hear a better 7″ single this year. The Electric Mainline are all psych noise and shoegaze mixed together whilst Soundwire go one step further and add krautrock into the mix. It’s a great combination but best 7″ of the year? Whilst I am not sure about that it certainly sets a benchmark for the next 12 months.

Limited edition 7inch split single, coloured vinyl edition featuring The Electric Mainline and Soundwire featuring TEM’s All Too Much re-recorded and produced by Head In The Shed and Soundwire’s brand new version of their live favourite A Little Death.

Track listing:
A Side – The Electric Mainline – All Too Much
AA Side – Soundwire – A Little Death

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