The Flaming Lips – Peace Sword [EP] (2013)

Genre: Experimental,Alternative Rock
Country: Oklahoma, United States
aac 256kbps 75mb

Over the last few years, The Flaming Lips’ recorded output has mostly been relegated to gimmicky fluff (like a 24-hour song and music recorded on a USB within a gummy fetus). So it’s great to finally have our favorite psych-rock weirdos back doing what they do best: making albums. The Lips released the moody, terrifying (and all-around excellent) The Terror in April, and now they’ve followed up with the six-song Peace Sword EP.

01. Peace Sword (Open Your Heart)
02. If They Move, Shoot Em’
03. Is The Black At The End Good
04. Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy
05. Wolf Children
06. Assassin Beetle – The Dream Is Ending

Download ( Code: amf5


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