The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams (2014)

Artist: The Hold Steady
Album: Teeth Dreams
Label: Razor & Tie
Playtime: 48:31 min
Genre: Alternative Rock
Rip date: 2014-03-21
Street date: 2014-03-25
Size: 97.06 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 266 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

Release Notes:

It’s been four years since The Hold Steady gave us their last masterpiece. Guess what, I think they’ve even got a little better since then. Fuckin perfect american rock with a punk edge that is softened with awesome piano. Really good live band, check them out while stoned on tour this summer.

Track List:

01. I Hope This Whole Thing Doesn’t Frighten You
02. Spinners
03. The Only Thing
04. The Ambassador
05. On With The Business
06. Big Cig
07. Wait A While
08. Runner’s High
09. Almost Everything
10. Oaks

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3 thoughts on “The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams (2014)

  1. 行行行,忍一忍。。各让一步海阔天空,我不想你跟其他人争得面红耳赤的。。看别人衅事别理人家就是了。。再争下去没人会支撑无聊图了。


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