The Kills – Live At Third Man Records (12″ Vinyl) (2013)

Genre: Rock
Source: Vinyl
Playing Time: 39:06
Total Size: 92 MB

The second of three shows celebrating the re- opening of a newly expanded Third Man Records.
Six of the eight tracks on Live at Third Man Records are from The Kills’ 2011 studio release Blood Pressures, with “Tape Song” being pulled from Midnight Boom (2008) and “Kissy Kissy” from Keep on Your Mean Side (2003).

“This record captures a show we had been wanting to see at Third Man since day Numero Uno. Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart are two of the most talented and creative people we know and we couldn’t be more pleased that they rocked our stage and committed it to wax so we can finally have a release on the label by the one and only KILLS. These 8 songs were recorded direct-to-acetate on October 10, 2012.”

1. Heart Is A Beating Drum [04:50]
2. Future Starts Slow [04:10]
3. Kissy Kissy [06:08]
4. DNA [05:08]
5. Baby Says [04:39]
6. Tape Song [03:52]
7. Pots And Pans [06:15]
8. Last Goodbye [04:01]

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