The KVB – Of Desire (2016)

TITLE……: Of Desire
GENRE……: Alternative, Electronic, Darkwave,Shoegaze
RIP DATE…: 2016-03-10
RUNTIME….: 45:14
TRACKS…..: 12
SIZE…….: 104m
QUALITY….: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC……: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)

The return of London/Berlin duo The KVB is drenched in the aesthetics of forgotten 80s indie. All early House Of Love dynamics, Nicholas Wood’s vocals are delivered cocksure, but there’s also an icy, androgynous air to proceedings, while the track’s bullish intro pushes it even further in that pre-baggy Creation Records direction. It could have slotted right into place on the HOL’s cult classic German Album, you feel, were it not for the guitars at the chorus, which suddenly swirl aggressively – more Kevin Shields than Terry Bickers.

Taken from their forthcoming fifth album Of Desire, the recording of ‘In Deep’ apparently saw the The KVB raid Portishead and BEAK> man Geoff Barrow’s synth collection, as well as roping in Sonic Boom to master it. All of which makes perfect sense, when you listen to what they came up with.

01. White Walls 05:31
02. Night Games 03:17
03. Lower Depths 03:06
04. Silent Wave 04:54
05. Primer 01:37
06. Never Enough 04:11
07. In Deep 03:24
08. Awake 04:33
09. V11393 03:49
10. Unknown 04:07
11. Mirrors 02:45
12. Second Encounter 04:00

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