The Shanghai Restoration Project – The Classics (2014)

Label: Culture Music
Style: World Music, Jazz
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You may not hear it when you’re listening to Shanghai jazz standards from the 1930s and ’40s, but dig deeper into their history and you’ll find a generational skip in the record.

Jazz thrived in Shanghai beginning in the 1920s as an American import — a legacy of the international city’s colonial history.

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01 – Paris of the East (feat. Zhou Yi)
02 – 得不到的爱情 Can’t Get Your Love (feat. Zhang Le)
03 – 如果没有你 Without You (feat. Zhang Le)
04 – 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 Rose, Rose I Love You (feat. Zhang Le)
05 – 夜来香 The Evening Primrose (feat. Zhang Le)
06 – 等着你回来 Waiting for You (feat. Zhang Le)
07 – 人生就是戏 Life is Drama (feat. Zhang Le)
08 – 苏州河边 By the Suzhou River (feat. Zhang Le)
09 – 明月千里寄相思 The Bright Moon Will Bring My Love to You (feat. Zhang Le)
10 – 何日君再来 When Will You Return (feat. Zhang Le)
11 – 四季歌 Song of Four Seasons (feat. Zhang Le)
12 – Age of Innocence (feat. Dave Liang)

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