The Strumbellas – We Still Move On Dance Floors (2013)

Genre: Bluegrass,Indie Pop,Folk
Country: Canada
mp3 320kbps 69mb

Toronto-based six-piece alt-roots rock band The Strumbellas has earned a strong rep through energetic performances, blazing musicianship, poignant songs and a pair of earlier releases.

We Still Live On Dance Floors, the band’s first for Six Shooter, is a gloriously eclectic sounding celebration over nine tracks, part Fratellis’ exuberance, part pensive as in The Wilderness of Manitoba’s soundscapes.

01. Sailing
02. Did I Die
03. In This Life
04. Home Sweet Home
05. Run
06. End Of An Era
07. The Long Road
08. Ride On
09. The Fire

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