The Thermals – We Disappear (2016)

Saddle Creek
Indie Rock
CDRip v0 mp3

The Thermals, the perpetually riled-up Pacific Northwest punk rock trio, have been making soaring anthems for nearly a decade and a half now. It’s been three years since they released Desperate Ground, their last album, but they’re about to follow it up with the new LP We Disappear. The former Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla produced the new album, and we’ve already posted the early tracks “Hey You,” “My Heart Went Cold,” and “Thinking Of You.”

1. Into the Code 2:55
2. My Heart Went Cold 2:38
3. Hey You 2:31
4. If We Don’t Die Today 3:30
5. The Great Dying 3:56
6. In Every Way 2:41
7. The Walls 2:16
8. Thinking of You 1:58
9. Always Never Be 2:19
10. Years in a Day 4:50

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