The Twang – Neontwang (2014)

Artist: The Twang
Title: Neontwang
Label: Jump The Cut Records
Genre: Indie Rock
Quality: WEBRip MP3 VBR V0
Time: 42:47
Size: 81.9 MB
Str Date: 2014-03-10

Track List:

1. City Lights (04:33)
2. Larry Lizard (03:37)
3. New Love (03:57)
4. The Wobble (04:16)
5. Sucker for the Sun (03:20)
6. Almost Anything (03:27)
7. Happy Families (03:17)
8. Medicine (04:53)
9. Bigger Than You (04:13)
10. Step Away (03:42)
11. Bywyd Da (03:27)

Release Notes:

The Twang return with a new album on 10th March. Neontwang was recorded in London at Rory Attwells Lightship95 with the Warm Brains man on production duties, a combination that has delivered the bands strongest set of songs to date. Neontwang also marks the full debut of new member Jon Simmo Simkins as a full writing member of The Twang. Simmo was also the brains behind the video for album track The Wobble which premiered on The Flys website in October who described it as resembling Ariel Pink doing Tears For Fears. Neontwang marks an important moment for the band. Their fourth album, lead singer Phil Etheridge described making it as easily the most fun we’ve had in the studio since before the band got a record deal. Having lived through (and survived) the slings and arrows of (much) outrageous fortune, the band have found a space where they are back to the core values that have kept them together as a writing unit for over a decade.

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