The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream (2014)

Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Indie Rock
mp3 320 Kbps 141mb
Total Time: 60:22 min

The War on Drugs have been relatively quiet since their awesome 2011 record Slave Ambient, but they’ve just announced the details of a long-awaited follow-up, and leaked a first single too. Secretly Canadian will release Lost in the Dream in March, but you can sample “Red Eyes” now; it’s a lovely song that sounds a little like its title, waking up still a little out of it with an array of hazy, nostalgic, fragmented memories. Get lost in that shimmering background organ and Adam Granduciel’s dreamy vocals while you peruse the tracklist below – remember, you can pick up the album in a record store starting March 18.

1. Under the Pressure
2. Red Eyes
3. Suffering
4. An Ocean in Between the Waves
5. Disappearing
6. Eyes to the Wind
7. The Haunting Idle
8. Burning
9. Lost in the Dream
10. In Reverse

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