The Wave Pictures – City Forgiveness (2013)

Artist: The Wave Pictures
Title Of Album: City Forgiveness
Year Of Release: October 21, 2013
Label: Moshi Moshi
Genre: Indie Rock,Indie Pop
Quality: MP3 320 kbps I 44.1 Khz I Joint Stereo
Total Time: 1 h 31 min 01 sec
Total Size: 176mb

For every exquisite blues jam from Hendrix or Page there’s a million, billion widdley-widdley space-filling show-offs getting in the way of the next chorus. They have their place, and that place is 1974… unless you’re The Wave Pictures’ Dave Tattersall. He’s not Eddie van Halen or Randy Rhodes, he’s better – technically he’s all over the shop, but that’s not the point. He writes such beautiful and expressive parts, so messy and impassioned you could listen to him play forever. Which is a good thing, because City Forgiveness, the Leicester trio’s twelfth(ish) album is a double: 20 tracks, 90 minutes. That’s a lot of Wave Pictures to take in.

CD 1
01. All My Friends
02. Before This Day
03. Chestnut
04. Better To Have Loved
05. Missoula
06. Lisbon
07. Red Cloud Road (Part 2)
08. The Woods
09. Whisky Bay
10. The Yellow Roses
CD 2
01. Tropic
02. The Inattentive Reader
03. Shell
04. The Ropes
05. Narrow Lane
06. Atlanta
07. New Skin
08. A Crack In The Plans
09. Golden Syrup
10. Like Smoke

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