The Wytches – Annabel Dream Reader (2014)

Partisan Records
Psychedelic Rock
mp3 320kbps 111mb

Formed in Brighton in 2011, The Wytches comprises Kristian Bell (vocals, guitar), Dan Rumsey (bass, vocals) and Gianni Honey (drums). Led by Bell’s luminous lyricism, feral delivery and overdriven, surf-like guitar bends, the trio create a sound that is at once raucous and unruly, and yet decorated with semi-automatic poetry and authentic emotional clout.

The Wytches are not to be confused with the Witches, the Detroit band led by Troy Gregory with a similar name, sound, and outlook who cut their first album 15 years before the U.K. Wytches were formed. Given the Detroit band’s limited profile, it’s hardly likely the Brighton-based outfit lifted anything on purpose, but their spooky drift through ’60s-influenced pop and rock sounds does make for an eye-opening coincidence.

01 – Digsaw
02 – Wide at Midnight
03 – Gravedweller
04 – Fragile Male
05 – Burn Out The Bruise
06 – Wire Frame Mattress
07 – Beehive Queen
08 – Weights and Ties
09 – Part Time Model
10 – Summer Again
11 – Robe For Juda
12 – Crying Clown
13 – Track 13

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