The Young – Chrome Cactus (2014)

Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic
Country: USA
mp3 320kbps

With their 2012 album Dub Egg, Austin quartet the Young moved the indie guitar sprawl of their earlier albums into a trippy, carefree portrait of wild-hearted summertime abandon. Dub Egg was the band’s first album for Matador and seemed like an idealistic, sometimes naive expression of relatively happy times and the promise of new possibilities just on the horizon. Two years later, the arrival of third album Chrome Cactus marks another shift for the Young, wiping away any of the soft-focused celebration or dumbstruck bliss of their last album and replacing it with ten slabs of sharper, darker fare. This is not a case of a group sounding like an entirely different band from record to record. Chrome Cactus still has hints of the fuzz-guitar frenzy and punky psychedelia that has graced all of their albums, especially notable on the glowering guitar tones that undercut pulsating tunes like “Chrome Jamb” or the spiraling death rock groove of “Dressed in Black.” Tracks like “Cry of Tin,” still brimming over with raw guitars, feel more minimal and direct, merging the straightforward approach of post-hardcore acts like Lungfish or Drive Like Jehu with Sonic Youth’s eerie, guitar-bending melodicism.

01. Metal Flake
02. Cry Of Tin
03. Chrome Jamb
04. Moondog First Quarter
05. Apaches Throat
06. Mercy
07. Ramona Cruz
08. Dressed In Black
09. Slow Death
10. Blow The Scum Away

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