Three Wolf Moon – Three Wolf Moon (2013)

Genre: folk-rock, psychedelic rock
MP3 320kbps 51:53 121MB

Three Wolf Moon is the psychedelic-folk-rock imagining of friends Adam Grant, John Sayer, Tyler Maynard, Max Grant and Evan Joel. Across these eight epic cuts, each of which clocks in at over five minutes, the group steeps its brawny, southern-fried jams in haunting reverb, melding the earthiness of backwoods folk-rock with atmospheric psychedelia and headbanging heaviness. Singer-guitarist Adam Grant-who also plays in Black Wizard-alternates between a rough-around-the-edges drawl and an ascendent, untamed yowl.


1. Drone (7:18)
2. Dog Gon’ Bark (6:11)
3. Joe Walsh (5:25)
4. In Bad Dreams (6:50)
5. Water/Wine (6:13)
6. The Worst (5:55)
7. Words Can’t Explain (7:10)
8. Night Walk (6:51)

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