Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams (2014)

Artist: Timber Timbre
Title: Hot Dreams
Label: Arts & Crafts
Genre: Indie, Folk, Alternative
Quality: CDRip 320Kbps cbr mp3
Str Date: 2014-04-01

Release Notes:

Timber Timbre have previously confirmed the impending April 1 release of their album Hot Dreams via Arts & Crafts, and now the spooky Ontario folk act have shared the full details of the upcoming collection, in addition to unveiling a new video.

Track List:

01. Beat The Drum Slowly
02. Hot Dreams
03. Curtains!?
04. Bring Me Simple Men
05. Resurrection Drive Part II
06. Grand Canyon
07. This Low Commotion
08. The New Tomorrow
09. Run From Me
10. The Three Sisters

Download: (pan.baidu)

3 thoughts on “Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams (2014)

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